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Originally Posted by Vangman View Post
As an owner who has had 2 dual cooler Elises I have had ZERO problems. I don't mean to rub anyone the wrong way here but I have to ask. For those of you who have had failures, what is you pre-drive routine? I know from the get go that I'm going to drive my Elise very differently than my Sorento. Since I drive my Elise 3 to 4 times a month I go through a pre-drive check list to ensure my car is safe to drive. This not only includes checking belts, fluids and pressures, but getting into the crevices with a flash light and looking for leaks, checking the torque or tightening bolts and keeping a log of what's going on. Hoses like this don't just fail.

Someone wrote earlier that they lost their radiator. I did as well and I had plenty of warning. I had my car in at the dealership at least twice before it actually let go because I could smell the antifreeze and I could see the splatter marks. I had plenty of warning.

I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that the vehicle I'm driving is as safe as it can be. I am the last line of defense to safe driving. And that's not just my behaviour behind the wheel, but under the hood as well.
most of us bought our cause because of the Toyota drive train, precisely to not have to worry about having to inspect our cars before we drive it. There is also no guarantee this issue can be caught by visual inspection. It is very likely that hoses can pop out of the fittings catastrophically without warning.

Its always no big deal until it happens to you. Loss of traction and blown engines are not something you would expect from a $50k-70k car with a mass produced drive train.

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