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Statements that I've read in this thread that don't compute.

The fact that you have had zero problems is completely irrelevant.

Driving your car less doesn't mitigate this problem and neither will any safety inspection. I was unable to find any way to adequately inspect for this problem and eliminated the failure points myself.

Hoses _like_ this don't fail, but these hoses do; quite often and quite unexpectedly.

Maybe this is just my opinion, but if you are still driving around on the street with these hoses on your car then you are not as safe as you should be. Everyone should realize by now the high probability of failure, the potential loss of vehicle control, and the possibility of harming others. If Lotus doesn't do something we still should.

"It's a Lotus." So, what? No where in the manual does it say that oil is often expelled without warning so don't drive on public roads.

"The recall will kill Lotus." I find that hard to accept, but could hardly care. If anything, the lack of action on the part of Lotus will kill Lotus. In any case, it's their problem. Companies that poorly design or support go out of business all the time. I like it that way.

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