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Not trying to be a fanboy but the same announcement mentioned a Ford Ranger recall and I think that thing has been around since I had brown hair.

I have a early '05 and when I got back from the rather wet WCLM in central CA noticed oil streaks on the side. Do not know if any of the recalls were total loss of oil but mine was seepage from the cracked connectors. Repaired including new RF caliper and brake pads for both RF and LF. Warranty.

Also had the tip of the exhaust system drop off in the middle of Pacific Beach. Out of warranty and still replaced by Lotus no charge. I chatted with Lotus Georgia rep at the next LOG and he remembered it. Said they couldn't have Elises running around with things dropping off.

So as far as I am concerned Lotus stood behind their product. Let's see what their response is before chucking them under the bus.
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