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Originally Posted by ItsThaMonsta View Post
Ummmm... Who are you? I love when some random person try to use the "maybe a lotus isn't for you" technique for any situation. There was probably no one who research Lotus more than me before I bought. That doesn't excuse the fact that this car has problems that no car should have. And.... ummm... yeah I'm done talking.
I appologize for singling out you post. Nothing personal.

However I still feel that it is unfair to expect Lotus to handle repairs like it was a major manufacturer like Toyota etc.

Lotus owners benefit from having exclusivity, handling, and performance. The price you pay for that goes beyond the sticker price.
That is because Lotus can't sell enough cars to have the resources to conduct major recalls like major car manufacturers.
If you want your car taken care of like a Honda then go buy a Honda and say hello to youself at every street corner.
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