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Originally Posted by njboy View Post
I appologize for singling out you post. Nothing personal.

However I still feel that it is unfair to expect Lotus to handle repairs like it was a major manufacturer like Toyota etc.

Lotus owners benefit from having exclusivity, handling, and performance. The price you pay for that goes beyond the sticker price.
That is because Lotus can't sell enough cars to have the resources to conduct major recalls like major car manufacturers.
If you want your car taken care of like a Honda then go buy a Honda and say hello to youself at every street corner.
spoken like someone who doesn't own an Elise/Exige. You don't buy any car expecting it to blow oil randomly, especially not a $50-70k car.

A failure like this is inexcusable, small manufacturer or not. We're talking about oil lines here, not high pressure hydraulic lines. This is not rocket science here. Manufacturers have been making lines/fittings that withstand thousands of PSI for decades, to have lines and fittings fail at 10s of PSI is pretty ridiculous.

This should have been high on their failure mode analysis of their design and manufacturing process because the affect of the failure is so catastrophic.

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