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Originally Posted by njboy View Post
However I still feel that it is unfair to expect Lotus to handle repairs like it was a major manufacturer like Toyota etc.

Lotus owners benefit from having exclusivity, handling, and performance. The price you pay for that goes beyond the sticker price.
That is because Lotus can't sell enough cars to have the resources to conduct major recalls like major car manufacturers.
If you want your car taken care of like a Honda then go buy a Honda and say hello to youself at every street corner.
So if a consumer purchases a product and it fails on them, you're basically saying "tough sh1t"? I mean this isn't a microwave we're talking about...

There's a difference between simple repairs, wear and tear, and absolute; without a doubt defects. The problems and complaints with the oem radiators cracking and the oil lines are legitimate concerns and should be addressed. The fact that Lotus stood on the sidelines is a shame imo...

For example, my 2005 Elise is on it's 3rd OEM radiator and I only have 32,000 miles on it!?!?! Does that sound right? I don't even track the car so it not about pushing it to the limits... I mean I'm so fcukin paranoid, I recently purchased a "spare" all aluminum black triple pass rad from Elise Shop UK just in case...

It comes down to Lotus owning their products, standing by it, and fixing what they know is a problem.

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