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Originally Posted by njboy View Post
I appologize for singling out you post. Nothing personal.

However I still feel that it is unfair to expect Lotus to handle repairs like it was a major manufacturer like Toyota etc.

Lotus owners benefit from having exclusivity, handling, and performance. The price you pay for that goes beyond the sticker price.
That is because Lotus can't sell enough cars to have the resources to conduct major recalls like major car manufacturers.
If you want your car taken care of like a Honda then go buy a Honda and say hello to youself at every street corner.
The things we "chose" to deal with (although are still bad quality things that shouldn't be present) are squeaks, rattles, random stuff falling apart... but none of those are critical to your safety like this one is. But what this one does is make people put everything in perspective. People keep mentioning that this is a 60k car because these shouldn't be present on a car that expensive with these specs. This car has a drivetrain that costs somewhere between 8-10k new. It isn't a big horsepower v8 with a great trans that cost a lot more. That leaves 50k for putting everything else together. And it is just not a good job.

If this car was 30k new then all the random things that fall off would be excusable. But even if the car was 10k new this current problem would still not be acceptable.
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