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I like the photos. thanks for posting when they were up. But i check your site.

Originally Posted by TheChazz View Post

Unfortunately due to either the lack of maturity or the OVER maturity of several members I have decided to no longer share with the community. Thanks to everyone who has provided the time, cars, and locations for my shoots. For those of you that have already contacted me, I will continue to shoot your vehicles. However for the foreseeable future I will not bother posting here to collect insults and snide comments from members with too much time on there hands. My simple motive was to share the results of a collaboration between myself, fellow members, and an uprising model for all to enjoy. Sorry things cant be that simple here.

what the hell guys! She's cute. She's got an evil look to her, I'll say that much.

Originally Posted by MotoGeek View Post
Is this model 3/4 scale?
wow, she looks small there! LOL

** save ~10 lbs gain 1 hp ** EQ: Y=(190*X) / (1984-X) where Y is (HP) and X is (lbs)

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