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Originally Posted by TheChazz View Post
I have contributed several times in the past, and shot for SEVERAL members in the past and never had this type of feedback.

I have been a long time enthusiast and have followed the Lotus Talk threads for quite some time. One of the reasons I enjoyed LT is because of its more matured audience. It seems a bunch of adults could follow by the old fashioned "say something nice or nothing at all"... or at least not be so harsh. The model herself is new to the game, and her style and look fits the modern day audience. I was going to share this thread with her so that she could have additional response, but now I am embarrassed that I posted here to begin with.

The part that downs me the most, is that I am probably the "kid" here.

I wont take it personal, this is the internet after all. Just a shame it has come to this.
Again dude, don't take it so seriously. This is the internet. It's a forum. People voice their opinions on forums.

You posted a thread on a forum. Keep in mind, that there are lots of car forums out there with this sort of content. This really isn't one of them. So, because it's a pretty unique sort of thread, people are gonna comment.

It's a post with a very young half nekkid girl with her ass cheeks hanging out straddling cars and motorcycles tuner car magazine style. It's gonna get comments - some good, some bad.
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