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G50's are bulletproof and ideal for high torque applications, but have to be turned upside down and fitted as they are orientated the wrong way round in the Porkers. GT40's and Ultimas use them ok as their chassis has better space/positioning, and they swear by them for the racing applications. The Esprit however is a tougher proposition and I only know of one that managed it at some very high angle for the CV joints. It was done in the UK for a track car, but the parts were sold on, and I think a guy in the States ended up with them

The other Getrag units, like those used in the Boxter/Cayman and later Boxter S/Cayman S, are not rated as highly but are a far easier fit for the Esprit. Their Audi variants have been popular with GT40 replica builders for a long time as they are far cheaper to obtain, and a few Esprits have also fitted variants of them (such as Andy Hills' Audi 4.2ltr V8 project) and I am in the process of trialing one myself with the tuned LS3. The one Advanced Automotion promotes is the old 01E FWD version, reputedly stronger than the newer ones like the 01X/0A2 due to its cast iron bearing carrier.

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