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Originally Posted by High_Colorado View Post
At the risk of upsetting people who dislike this thread or the "code"...or rehashing the exotic/supercar debate, I wanted to post that as a brand new owner, I had a good experience following the code.

I won't weigh in, at this point, whether we drive supercars or exotics, but I can certainly testify to the fact that I am awestruck at the amount and level of attention, commments, turned heads, shouts, thumbs up, kisses blown and smiles this vehicle gets! This is not my first sportscar, but certainly my first Lotus.

Still have dealor plates; I have added a total of about 200 miles, and the "comment" activity is amazing! Anyhow, yesterday, I used my G.F. needing a ride to the grocer as an excuse to take the Elise out. I dropped her off at the front and parked way out in neverneverland in order to continue my ongoing read and programming attempts regarding the stereo ...anyhow, My goal of obtaining some privacy that far away only seemed to exacerbate the high level of attention this little red roadster gets! People continually drove over to gawk, take photos and ...etc etc. At one sudden point an SUV pulled abreast of my Port-side and a female passenger, perhaps late 20's, politely asked, "Sir, may I take a picture of your car?" Most people don't make such a polite inquiry...they simply lay on the brakes in the middle of an intersection and whip out the phone/camera. I hopped out saying, "Sure!...would you like to sit in it?" She looked completely surprised... as did her husband, and their two little kids. She had the tell-tale gangster tattoos around and about the eyes which made me wonder for a moment about the wisdom of my offer; but only a moment, because the husband came over and was so grateful and shook my hand and must have said thanks six times. She sat in the cockpit and said, "It goes so fast!" (speedometer???) and he peppered me with really good questions about the engine, (in the back) handling (amazing) smoothness of ride (not so much, sport pack, tell difference in dime and penny...hardship for my G.F.) ... but never inquired as to price...I believe out of respect.

Afterwards, I wondered if most people in my position in life (wear a suit and tie during the week) would have made it past the outward judgement of this couple, and made such a positive connection. What I am trying to say is, as corny as it sounds, that because I was trying to share the enthusiasm for this car, I feel that a little more goodness may have been added to the world!
It doesn't matter what the person looks like, or dressed like, or whatever... So that has nothing to do with me deciding that I'm not about to have a conversation with and offer to let every non-sexy female sit in my car.
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