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[/QUOTE]If added to the cryo-tempering and REM isotropic super finishing procedures becoming more available lately, I think it could easily handle any uprated Lotus Esprit engine - except perhaps the most extreme ones.[/QUOTE]

Cryogenic treatment vastly improves your load and longevity of metal parts. I see a lot of people rebuilding their motors and wonder why they dont have the liners, pistons, valves i.e. all internal parts treated.

There is a caveat! You must have someone really good do the treatment and VERY few in the WORLD use good cryo coolers and know how to heat treat after very well!

Shameless Plug:
We treat a lot of racing teams internals: Top fuels drag cars see six times the life from valve springs alone after cryo treatment.
I have attached an article for some interesting reading.

If you need any info I can help:
Bentzion (at) metal-wear (dot) com
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