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Many companies that you may not be aware of already use cryogenics on their products. NASA, Weismann transmissions (built the McLafren F1 transaxel among other racing cars trannies.) Jerico transmissions, most of F1 and LMP car builders. Porsche used Cryo treated brakes on their endurance racers for years. They use a form of cryogenic treatment on cutting tools to cut the titanium for the F35. MAG who along with a another company is claiming 10 times the life on the tools and 35% faster cutting that results in huge cost savings. The government has given them an award for it!

Sorry for the rant. Most people put up a fight when we talk about cryogenic treatment. It is the single most advanced step that has been achieved in many years in materials treatment. The problem for the consumer is that manufacturers are very sort sighted and see a loss of revenue if they provide longevity to replacement parts...In racing and military it is considered absolutely necessary to save on costs and gain an edge whenever they can.
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