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Originally Posted by s2kseven View Post
I read cryogenics treatment process many moon ago and read so many pros and cons. I sent a billet compressor, turbine wheels and turbine housing of a turbochargers to a company in Alabama that does this process. For the turbo to survive a heat that can reach as much as 1500 degrees, you need to find a turbine housing that has abundant properties of nickle. It's not cost effective to spend so much while the inferior product "made in china" turbochargers are flooding the market. Not too many cryogenic company out there and i'm sure the cost of this process is staggering. So, the availability and the cost of this process to regular enthusiast is unreacheable...for now!

For the meantime, until the government regulates/curve the fake-fraud made in china, i will not spend a dime.
Someday, I love to see "made in the USA" back in the shelves.
I have yet to see a con!!! Besides, how much do you think it costs to have a turbo done? I do entire engines for $1800! A turbo would only cost $150-200 max! If your buying a Borg Warner or Garrett charger I will guarantee that under normal use (non abusive and set up correctly) you will get at least 3 times the life. I will make you a deal, send us a piece that you want treated and I will do the first One on the house! We have plants in morresville NC, park city Il, Palo Alto Ca, and Camarillo Ca. Most cryo treaters are scammers have zero knowledge of how it all works and it has completely ruined the cryo industry. Our founders are metallurgists and scientist that do the r&d on house. My email is on a previouse post your always welcome.
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