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Originally Posted by yellowvert View Post
I will tell you that when you are standing on your head trying to get one hand back there (and then add a second little person later on to help crimp), the more space the better. But cutting it 1/2 on each side wouldn't have mattered. I think cutting it 1/2 on top and bottom WOULD have mattered. Again, in retrospect, cutting just a little less off top and bottom might work.

Sorry, thinking as going...if you cut it narrower (less off sides) you could re-rivet. I'd generally stick with all the height possible because you would need to add the trim on all 4 sides. I just don't think its reasonable to think you could cut it so clean and straight that you wouldn't notice. Lord knows I didn't but I realized instantly that that wasn't something I could do. Maybe wrong tool?
Very true, I wasn't in the lotus position + another person there with me Once again great work and clear photos in such a tight space!

Originally Posted by 407Driver View Post
Thanks, route the wire from the AC switch panel (requires drilling one hole behind the switch panel) over to the passenger side cubby (remove the cover) and you can see a space where the wire can be fed down and then forward along the underside of the dash and push the wire thru to the front side of the firewall via the main harness grommet. There is room to squeeze the wire between the firewall and the fan housing foam grommet.
Go back in the driver footwell and strip the wire, put the connectors on, install finishing plate.
this really helps, ty
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