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Originally Posted by SirLotus View Post
Scott, I Just discovered that there is no access from the radio slot to the wiring grommet that goes to the HVAC console.
There are two reasons why the airflow is restricted;
1) I believe the ducts to each cabin discharge vents are too small.
2) The footwell returns were blocked because on a cool day with the heater/fan off there would be a backflow of cold air through the returns. Apparently owners were complaining and Lotus used this method to address it. The disadvantage is that it also inhibits the airflow in, thereby restricting the flow out of the cabin discharge vents
Just a quick point of correction...there is access between the radio slot and the HVAC grommet--that is how I wired my ipod adapter. On mine there was a plastic panel taped in place that hid the grommet from the radio slot, but it comes right out.
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