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I was a bit concerned when I woke up at 4am and it was still raining quite heavily but by the time I hit the road the rain had stopped and before I'd made it half way to the track the roads were nearly dry. The morning was cool and overcast was heavy, but by the end of the day sunscreen was necessary as the clouds broke up and wandered towards Kansas.

The event was limited to 60 cars. I didn't hear a final count, but I'd guess there weren't more than 45 there. We had 8 Lotuses. Not the best turnout for a "club" event, but probably as many as could be expected given the rules - no Elans (roll bar required) and no open wheel cars. The 8 cars were 1 Evora and the rest Eliges.

Rules were no passing without a point by and only in the usual three places. This was not a problem all day, except in the first session where a badly smoking Mustang kept us touring behind him for two laps. People were so quick to point me by, I'm now wondering if I was too slow to let others pass.

Last time at HPR I ran six sessions then promptly ran out of fuel upon leaving the property. This time it was just four sessions and the gas gauge showed one bar. Until going up the hill on US 36 where it went to nothing. A few miles down the road I was done. How did I do six sessions last time and only four this time? I haven't counted up the laps yet (gotta go to the video tape to count the laps).

I'd been bragging that my GoPro mounts rock-solid. I put it in a different spot for each of the four sessions. I'm disappointed to report that two of spots had too much vibration. The camera was good up to 70 or 80mph but above that mostly unwatchable. One mount location I'd only tried on public roads but the other I'd used at the track before without issue.

In the first session, I arranged to grid up behind Jason so we could get a nice video of him, but that was on of the sub-optimal mounts. I haven't gone through all the footage yet, but here's a lap that came out pretty well. This is from the adhesive mount low on the front of the car.

HPR 8 July 2012 - Blue Stingray - YouTube
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