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Originally Posted by rosscarlson View Post
I'm taking turn 7 (the right hand uphill after 6 "Danny's Lesson") flat. I come out of 6 in 2nd gear, quickly up to 3rd then just hold it flat all the way up the hill quickly going into 4th as I top the hill then HARD on the brakes. I'd never done it flat nor heard of anything doing it flat so I figured what the hell, let's see. Aero+slicks = hero.
I'm super jealous, I have to lift for turn 7. From my telemetry data my max speed at approach to turn 7 is 82 mph. I lift and scrub speed at turn in down to 72 mph. Then back on the gas and I'm up to 88 mph before turn 8. I need more aero and front tires wider than 195.

Ross - Now you need to work on being flat through turn 3

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