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got it. But we would be able to determine how many were sent to the US, correct? Not sold, since some are still unsold, but the CoP lists the number of cars produced for the US market.

My other question still stands, I think? I have a Purist. Will my CoP say 1 of 50, or 1 of 150 (I don't actually know how many Elise's were sent to the US for 2009; this is just an example)?

Originally Posted by Julian73 View Post
How many did they build, would still be elusive. In US we could get the US count but at least 4 or 5 versions are built: LHD, RHD, Federal LHD, Canadian LHD. .. 12th digit of VIN

Market Spec.
B = LHD Canada
C = RHD Other
D = LHD Other
E = Gulf States
L = South Korea

Alternative is find the last SN, will not tell you models sold but would give total years car production.
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