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Originally Posted by kmt63 View Post
the forward mounting point is riveted and bonded in.then the tubes are welded into these points.i seam to remember kurt welding his kit onto the stock roll bar.but im not sure on that.
Don't mean to resurrect such an old thread but good info is good info...

Kurts cage design replaces the stock main hoop, the fact that the factory hoop is not one continuous piece of tubing but a combination of welded tube in different diameters makes it not legal for SCCA/NASA, not sure what the stock bar wall thickness is but that might exclude it as well. The main hoop on my S1 was one piece so I first thought I would build off that but the wall thickness was too thin so it had to be replaced with tube meeting the rule book.

I see that R3 hasn't responded with how much the cage weighs, that's unfortunate but as you can see it is similar to the cage I built for my S1 which weighed in at 79lbs.

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