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Thank you for bringing this exceptional engine to our attention!
400+ HP and matching bell housing availability makes it a perfect candidate.
Do you have the engine already?

The Development of the Quad Cam Ford
This is a short story on the development of an engine by the Ford Motor Company. This engine was the subject of many books, articles, and technical reports. I have seen this engine referred to as: the Dearborn Ford, the Ford DOHC, The Quad Cam Ford, the Cammer Ford, the fourteen gear Ford, and the Foyt Ford. The meat of this story has been plagiarized from several sources, but primarily from the Design and Development of the Indy Car by Rodger Huntington, The Racing Fords by Hans Tanner, and the S.A.E. report on the Ford DOHC Competition Engine by A.J Scussel along with the update second addition by Ak Miller.
Development of the Quad Cam Ford engine
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