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Changes to productiion by vin date

Sorry guys, if this is anything like the old and not so old Alfas you frequently got what was on the shelf that day. I generally doubt that there was ever much rhyme or reason to the fit and finish of some of these mid-priced sports cars.

I had 1986 GTV-6 3.0L and it had the exact same door handles (internal) as my 1974 Berlina Sedan. You can still rummage through old Alfas and find lots of dissimilar parts, Fiat parts and in some cases Ferrari parts. A number of these cars were built at Pinifarinin and I doubt they had a word for "inventory". I suspect Lotus is MUCH better but I think I have better things to do than try to illicit variations based on the phase of the Moon and my vin # which I suspect is as out of sequence as the trim parts. I would still go to the door mfg. date and do my best from there if i were going to do it at all.

Good Luck.

I do however think that a well documented list of damaged cars by vin # is a valuble page to have. Didn't I hear that someone paid something over $28K for Snuffy's (#I) remains? Although very stiff, aluminum cannot be easily repaired and suffers badly from metal fatigue. It would be a shame to see someone with moderate knowledge really get taken by a good glass man and better salesperson.

As for my car, I really don't think I care too much if I have horizontal finish scratches on the gas cap, old or new antenna mountings. As long as it drives and performs to my expectations I'm pretty happy. Having owned used cars all my life so I could drive smaller, lighter machines stuff like this falls into the real estate category of "character" (or was that charm?)
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