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you must have purchases the new re-11a tires? the regular re-11 never had a 225/45/17, at least not in the US AFAIK.

Originally Posted by Shoof View Post
Even though I just replaced my tires with 205/50 front and 235/45 rear (ExtremeContact DW), decided to switch them to 205/45 and back to OEM spec 225/45. At the ride height/damping I am set at, I don't want to worry about rubbing (and a rubbing it was, all around!), even if it's "a little bit" for the streets. Decided to go with Bridgestone Potenza RE11's. If I stayed with OEM sizing for the front/rear, the only tire I would have considered would have been the DWS, but I really don't need the A/S designation. Had them on a set of wheels for my Elise and was fairly satisfied with them, but wanted just a little more...

PS - I already have another set of wheels with R888's on it for track duty (OEM size tires).

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