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The biggest Single SPAL Fan I can squeeze in?

I am going to take off my front clam and I want to take this opportunity to redo my fan setup. To minimize down time I've been doing some research but I cannot be 100% sure what is the biggest fan I can squeeze in - I dont mind cutting some not visible structure.

Current Setup: Exige S
AC & Pro Alloy 3pass & Sector111 Dual top mount fan

Fan is SPAL VA07-AP7/C-31A measuring
Depth (Motor) - 2.011811 Inch
Depth (Fan Wall) - 1.10236 Inch
Diameter - 9.68504 Inch

I plan put to bigger fan in under the center Spine. Can someone please advise with AC and Pro Alloy, what is the single strongest fan I can put in.

I looked at SPAL web and I guess I could squeeze in a 11-12" diameter, ~3.7" depth (motor) fan.
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