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Yes, they offer full detailing including clay bar, polishing, scratch removal, all the customary offerings you would expect. He used to work at "Details by Mark"- A very quirky but expensive detail shop here in SE PDX that I've recently discovered to apparently "set the bar" for super high quality, meticulous approaching pathologically obsessive-neurotic level detailing. The day I contacted him he was actually at another detail shop that had overbooked themselves and had sub-contracted him to help clear out the backlog of cars. I only wanted the hand wash and hand wax this week so I can't personally vouch for the quality of their full detail, but the quality of work they did for me would make me believe that it is excellent. Blaine is totally a car guy. He showed me photos of his personal car collection and it was impressive. He mentioned that he and his crew go to Tigard cars and coffee regularly both for fun and for networking, so if you go, look for him. I can remember that he has a modded '07 BMW 650 (white) and a 1970's Porsche GT prototype car a'la Steve McQueen (yellow) of the 5 or more in his collection if that helps point him out, or just call him.

I'm definitely going to have them back for more services, including full detail at some point.

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