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Originally Posted by banzai
A lot of good suggestions here, but I can't believe I got to the end of the thread so far and nobody mentioned my particular nit pick: a lockable glove box.

Being down south, I drive with the top off most of the time. Every time I stop somewhere Iv'e got to lug wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, radar detector and any other little stuff I can't leave out in plain sight in an open car.

Yes, I can always gather it all up and toss it in the trunk, but that's a real PITA, especially when I forget something is back there and start slinging it all over the place while driving.

I know Shinoo is working on one, so I'll take it any way I can get it.
I was throwing my sunglasses into the trunk, but it's a PITA when you get back into the car and realize that your sunglasses are still in the trunk. Now I tend to carry them in my pocket, but the hard case that protects my expensive Maui Jim's is a bit large for my pocket. Good news is that women think I'm really glad to see them.
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