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I've got another one. I live in Austin. So, this is an emergency! 100F+ all week.
Air comes out, but it's air temperature (hot!)

The compressor sounds like it comes on. (RPM change)
I checked all three fuses.
The blue AC light on the instrument panel comes on and stays on.
The recirculation light comes on
AC system pressure reads 100 on my meter. It reads this with and without the compressor/car on.
I can't even see the compressor to check the clutch is spinning. Can you see it if you take the tray off?

I did the speedometer reset just for fun. No change.

I haven't done so much as an oil change since the AC was working. So, I'm thinking bad compressor? I probably only use the AC 3-4 days a year even though I live in Texas. Just when the wife consents to ride in the Lotus. I hardly ever drive around with the top on. I just arrive looking like I just took a shower with my clothes on...

Is there anything else I can check to nail down this diagnosis?

I'm not looking forward to the cost of a new compressor. I'm pretty handy with a wrench if I have good instructions. Is there any chance of replacing it in-vitro? If there is, I might attempt it myself.

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