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***I'm really hoping Lotus pays attention as these suggestions are from real Elise owners/users...who would be the ones to know.
-I am horrified at the number of damaged Elises out there. Low speed, front and rear areas especially. It is so not necessary for this kind of damage. Can't Lotus make the front and rear ends soft so they would deform and pop back into shape? Like most of the other makes out there do these days?
-An integrated fob/key/security thingy
-Less cheep looking dashboard finish, leather?
-Smaller interior mirror
-Sun visors mounted at the rear edge of the windshield frame...then they would actually be usable.
-Couldn't the radiator be mounted vertically and still vented at the top...thereby making room for some front storage?
-Easier to read, brighter (daytime) gauges
-better and louder horn(s), one that actually sounds serious
-The standard stereo and speakers are embarassing, I changed them out immediately
-Lumbar that actually stays inflated
-Metal LOTUS letters on the back of the car
-Easier and quicker on-off for the hard top
-Lockable interior storage bin
-A non-molded-in front license mount area
-Dealer oil changes that don't break the bank
I know some of these have been mentioned, but these are MY suggestions.
Otherwise the car is perfect and a total joy!

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