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I must note that all best times were done in first or second session of day and at lower temps...75 degrees and under. For my format, they are also typically on 3rd or 4th hot lap as it takes the hoosier A6's at least two full hot laps to get to temp but also right before heat soak sets in.

Grattan - Best: 1:25.7, Typical: 1:27

Mid Ohio
Pro Course - Best: 1:35.6, Typical: 1:37
Club Course - Best: 1:37.4, Typical: 1:38

Putnam Park - Best: 1:19.2, Typical: 1:20

Road America - Best: 2:32.5, Typical: 2:36

I have other tracks but these have been most frequented.

*V2motorsports setup with BOE tune to meet class requirements.
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