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Potentially relocating to Oregon..

Hi guys.. This is for those of you who live or have lived in Oregon.

As a California native, I am very sick of not being able to afford a home even on a six figure income. Let me restate that.. afford a home that is not a dump or located in a crummy neighborhood.. So I have been pondering the idea of moving out of state. Housing appears to be much cheaper anywhere else than Southern California. I don't know too much about other states, given I have never lived anywhere else, and I have only ventured outside California once or twice for business. I have been told the tech industry is growing in Oregon..

I was looking at the city data for Portland (where all the tech jobs seem to be) and saw a surprisingly high crime rate (it is in the 7th percentile, which means 93% of all cities in the USA are safer). I've always had the notion that Oregon is a quiet place with lots of space. Forgive me for any ignorance I might show.

Anyway, I'd like to hear any opinions you might have.

BTW, I am well aware some of you might intentionally deter a Californian from migrating to your peaceful state . Southern California weather is awesome, but is it really worth the madness?
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