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Afraid I don't have much in the "actually helpful" category, but after visiting Oregon multiple times for work and for play, I'm a fan. As mentioned, no sales tax, a generally lower cost of living than CA (where I lived for 12 years) with a far less crowded feel to it. Besides the coast, the mountains, the beers, and Tillamook cheese, the eastern half of Oregon is a nearly undiscovered gem.

The only thing I would have some trouble coming to grips with is that, per OR state law, you cannot legally pump your own gasoline. I imagine that might be well down the list of factors if all other things (especially professional/career needs), come to the fore, but it still sticks in my craw. New Jersey has similar mandates, I think, but then again, the odds of me living in Oregon some day are infinitely higher than living in in NJ.

I wish you luck with your decision--the prospect of such a fresh start, while daunting, can also be very exciting.
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