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Originally Posted by comptalk View Post
Think you should go to Washington (Redmond) for tech jobs (and coffee). Or, NY, TX, IL.
>>>>Or, NY, IL.
Uhmmmm, NO.
IL is a full on disaster in progress. NY has some financial challenges, a variety of political problems, and lingering infrastructure (post-Sandy) issues that could well translate back to financial problems.

Have to mostly agree on Grants Pass--was there last year --- really nice area. Not sure about winter weather --Dec-Jan temps dip into the 40's.

A friend of mine recently advised the benefits of living in Washinton state near the OR border --pay no state income tax in WA and shop in OR (no sales tax). Of course, if you work in OR, then the WA income tax benefit is lost.

jm (IL state motto: THROWING good money after bad, year in, year out)

The garage is... moving.
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