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Having lived in Southern California (thousand Oaks)
Kirkland Washington
and now Vancouver WA AKA Portland....

I can say these things..
Redmond Washington, Bellevue, Kirkland is amazing place to live if you can tolerate the rain and high house prices, you will also be taxed like you live in CA...except no income tax (high property tax and sales tax.).
The area is gorgeous, extremely wealthy (Microsoft, Boeing, Costco, Amazon, Star bucks to name a few). Met my FiancÚ up in Seattle.. Women are gorgeous...lots of blondes.

As soon you hit Tacoma...crime goes up. Poverty increases, people get ugly.. might be the meth as stated above. And it gets worse from there down.

I was forced to relocate by my company to Portland. I chose Vancouver WA because I work from home office and in the field.. I'm paid where I live. Oregon Taxes on income so I'm in Vancouver WA, do the math (yes I got best of both worlds).
I pay extra where I live, east Fishers landing / Camas...west Vancouver gets rough.

Portland is alright...It's better and safer than LA could ever be but its no Seattle.

I suggest living in Tigard / Beaverton OR or the Pearl District for nice places.

Portland's just so industrial.....

Personally... I just want to get relocated again. Portland isn't really for me... I had a better time in Seattle Area.

I want to live in San Diego....so bad... work my way back down the coast.

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