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Originally Posted by David Craig View Post
I visited a friend in Portland recently. My first impression of the city was favorable.

One item that bugged me was that in Oregon you cannot pump your own gas. I worry about an attendant scratching the car.

If I do end up at a full service station anywhere else I usually ask the attendant if I can fill up myself and they are usually OK with that. In Oregon I grabbed the nozzle and started pumping my own gas even though the station said full service. The attendant came over and requested that I stop. I stalled him out with chit chat but he looked rather annoyed.

Most of them have been pretty cool on pumping the gas with me. I do keep a rag to put on the paint surface where the pump handle sets on an Elise. The fact that I get out with a rag and the "Exotic" car seems to really slow them down and I've had no problems. Many just hand the nozzle to me followed by "i'm not touching your car man". Some of them are worried as it's a violation here as we all know. I don't think so much as a drop has touched the paint since I started with the rag/towel procedure.

Portland is awesome, but you have a ton of factors to figure out before you settle in up there.

Lots of great driving roads during the dry months. You might want to just shelve the lotus for the winter though.

The entire state is plagued with meth addicts and high property crime rates. I think mostly opportunity theft and not mugging situations. Bikes, tools, GPS units, Ash tray change, and such should all be well secured or out of site.

I've had people tell me that I should never leave coins in plain sight when leaving my car. I'm about 45 minutes from Portland.
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