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Lets see, so many things to respond to here.
1. There are decent pockets to live in that are not bad cost. It all depends on what your looking for, as others have said, many live in vancouver WA and then commute to Portland... but that commute sucks, but compared to CA its probably a breeze. I live in SE Portland/Clackamas/Happy Valley and its very nice here, you can get a new 2,500 sq foot home with 4 car garage down the street from me for the low $300's. No sales tax in oregon but we do have a 8-11% state income tax and property taxes really depend on where you live, mine are almost $3K per year for a $240K home
2. There are tech jobs in hillsburrito, ok so its really called hillsboro but some parts are very mexican over ran and others are high tech Intel workers and other startups.
3. I pump my own gas all the time, I have never had any issues with it in my Lotus, in my other 3 cars I just enjoy not having to get out during the rain that happens 13 months out of the year, but don't worry, the rain is usually just a slight mist, not a downpour like you get in the midwest. Eskimos have 10 different words for snow, in Oregon we have 15 different types of rain!
4. Road, um kinda, we have Skyline, old timber road, but we also have Portland International Raceway, only racetrack owned by a city right off I5 between Vancouver and Portland, Oregon raceway park is 2.5 hours away, The Ridge is 2.5 hours away, Pacific raceways in 3 hours away and you can legally drive fast but its expensive :-)
5. I have not had issues with crime, unless you mean lots of hobo's asking for money on street corners. Very hipster downtown and inner city and then outside of the citys often very redneck as others have said.
6. We do have a cars and coffee every saturday rain or shine in Tigard and an awesome indoor go-kart track for the off season. Our lotus club here is not the largest and does not have much of a following but we are trying. I will add more as I get a chance to go back and read the comments but this should get you started for now.

I have lived in Oregon all 29 years of my life and since i own a company here there is a very slim to none chance that I will move until i am in my 60's so I think I am more qualified than most to answer questions ;-)

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