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Here is something to admire...

Mike Rodrigues' bullet proof drivetrain, similar to the legendary BMW M1.

He has installed ZF5-DS-25 on his 430HP R-87 ET, (Radical 87 Esprit Turbo).

The half shafts are gun-drilled, Ti-Al nitride shafts custom made by GKN Motorsport, while the CV joints are the lightened and honed Motorsport joints supplied for Indy Cars.

Note the chassis welding and fabrication - new lower frame tubes, revised lower lower arm mounting points and adding a rear shelf behind the U tube of the chassis. You also need to open the cutout in the body extend the rear of the trunk floor because the ZF is longer. Because the ZF is longer, there's less room for a muffler, which had to be custom made as well.

The ZF rights and tooling were sold to RBT Transmissions which manufactures new boxes in Texas. The box uses a traditional clutch type LSD, which was set to 40% lock.
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