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Originally Posted by andy7777 View Post
You're all faster 'n me at Grattan and Gingerman. I run on A048's, normal aspirated, and do 1:34 at Grattan, best high 1:33, 1:49 Gingerman. About 1:23 at Waterford Hills.
4 Spots at Grattan to make up some time.

Going up the hill to the front straight I short shift to 4th (my car about 7k rpm) before going over the dip (very unsettling spot so get your angle correct). You must keep it floored through that section and let the car run out to the right to get max straight speed.

I think its corner 3, but the track falls off into a left hander. Im mid to 3/4 track and brake very late (work up to it) and get the rear of the car rotating. When you feel that rotation turn into the hill and squeeze the throttle and full throttle by exit.

Next spot is the hump or "jump", I run out of third gear and shift to 4th. I keep it floored and right before the jump, tap the brakes firmly to bring the front down, after get back on gas. I carry more speed into the first turn after the jump then shift to 3rd before the left hander, then right into the toilet bowel. I have tried this many different ways and I gained a full second here.

After toilet bowel, I have it floored and run it up to 4th gear and let the car go to the left side of the track then straight line it to the corner and brake late/shift to 3rd then up the hill. I scrub speed on turn in but keep enough mph to have a good run out to the left to be able to floor it, then up the hill.
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