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Originally Posted by spectre View Post
Next spot is the hump or "jump", I run out of third gear and shift to 4th. I keep it floored and right before the jump, tap the brakes firmly to bring the front down, after get back on gas. I carry more speed into the first turn after the jump then shift to 3rd before the left hander, then right into the toilet bowel. I have tried this many different ways and I gained a full second here.
Here's what I do: in 4th up the jump, squeeze brakes before crest, shift from 4th to 3rd while light over the crest, throttle down the backside of the jump, squeeze of brakes before turn-in to 6, throttle through 6.

I've felt that I'm complicating this complex with all the changes from brake to throttle and back. Are you recommending to brake before crest, stay in 4th over crest, no brake before turn-in to 6, and throttle through 6?


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