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'Plays With Cars' ebook - Doug DeMuro

Anyone see this? The guy is regular at Jalopnik and his site 'The Truth About Cars'. Atlanta guy who owned a CO Elise. I'm sure some of you know him (saw Keith 'SweetDaddyD' commenting on his stuff).

I've read a few excerpts so far and it's great - very smart assy, tongue in cheek sorta stuff and LOTS on Lotus.

His first chapter is about Autocrossing his Elise. It's really not so much about the Elise, but rather about autocrossing and how autocrossing pretty much sucks dong. He captures it perfectly - 8 hours standing in the sun on asphalt picking up cones and about 2 minutes of actual driving.

You can read the first chapter as a preview on Amazon.

Great stuff and only 3 bucks!
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