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Originally Posted by Ground Loop
I received my 20 lug bolts from the eBay seller others have used. About $40 for the set, shipped. These are the high-polish chrome bolts, not sculpted, with the threaded portion just a little longer than stock. I put them in all my wheels, stared at them for a while, and took them back out. It just didn't match. The chromed look didn't fit the wheel -- maybe black would have been better. The other problem is that only thin-walled sockets will fit over these 17mm bolts without rubbing the wheel's wells something aweful. Even then, I have to use the deep socket to reach past the spokes of the stock (non-LSS) wheels. None of my shop tire irons are thin enough to fit around the heads. All in all, the fit of the 10-point spline just works better. So I guess my next goal will be to find four of the stock BIMECC bolts to replace the four lock bolts that cause extra hassle. And eventually maybe a 1/2" drive tool that fits them too. So far, the stock adapter has been fine, and doesn't appear to be wearing out.
Just use Normal BMW bolts...and a deep 17 mm, 1/2 inch drive socket from Sears or many other places. Fits fine, clears everthing, no hassles, cheap, lifetime tool replacement.
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