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Originally Posted by jriva
I've checked around on the forums breifly looking for an answer to what's going to happen when i finally get my Elise to Ca. How will the DMV react to the Elise when i go to register it? I've looked at their website and I've hd troube decifering their policy on cars from other states that are under 7500 miles. The Elise I intend to buy has 750 miles on it. Will this be a problem? or is this rule only for cars that don't meet Ca Emission Standards, which I'm under the impression, all Elises do.

Will there be any extra fees? Will I still have to get it Smogged?, Will I have to get it smogged in the future?

Thanks all, so far you've been an awesome help, this is such a great community.
CA treats any car under 7500 miles as new. So you don't have to get a emissions test for 2 years (it would be 4 if you are the original title owner). You will have to pay "use tax" which is equal to the sales tax in your county to register the car.

It will be easy, don't worry. Just get out your check book and go wait in line at the DMV...

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