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Alignment in Denver/Boulder area?

I'm looking to get my Elise aligned. I'm getting better at string alignment but would like to have a known good baseline to work off of (going to use it to make some marks to use with a laser level in the future).

I'm in Boulder. Obviously won't be going until later in the year when the weather's better. I miss Steve at Tire Source - they always had the best prices and could be trusted, but that ship sailed :/

I know about SCR and 3R, but both are expensive. Plus 3R don't seem to do much Lotus work?

Not particularly picky about a race shop since I'm not corner balancing yet and I have a setup in mind already - just someone I can trust to figure out how to align the car, try to get to my specs, actually pay attention, and not break it.

Anyone people here prefer?
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