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Originally Posted by glagola1 View Post
Very nice! I love refining prototypes. Next on my list is some custom composite flares. I'm excited to learn composites.

Originally Posted by metrocube View Post
Phil, how are you fixing the splitter to the crash structure? There are 3 holes and speed clips on either side of the crash structure for the undertray panel, but surely those 6 little clips on their own aren't enough to support 200lbs of Phil from ripping the clips through the crash structure.
Good question...

So under the crash structure, there are 4 aluminum supports that run the length of the CS, which connect the CS to the splitter. The splitter also ties into the tow point. There's a triangular support that connects the CS to the outboard of the splitter just in front of the front tires. This is also where the clam is fixed to. I can have front clam off in about 3 minutes now-- The headlights no longer need to be removed to release the clam.

The far front of the splitter is secured with two fixed rods I made with some fender washers, 4130 0.250" rod, and some quick work on the TIG machine.

I had to trim 1-2 inches of the front clam since the clam sits atop the splitter rather than the splitter hanging from the clam...

Not sure how much DF an 8" splitter creates, but I fugure it's enough that the clam wouldn't hold it well, so I'm not asking it to

I've since fashioned some panels from black ABS to block off the OE oil cooler holes in the clam to aid in DF generation.

Have also cut the bodywork off behind the rear wheels with the idea of reducing drag and add to the Mad Max feel

Playing around with springs and chassis AoA, as the wing was causing the car to "wheelie" at the shakedown run (GPS says 140mph on the straights). Trying a bit more chassis angle before I swap out to heavier rear springs or reduce the AoA of the wing (800lb rear springs at moment). Also tweaking the splitter here and there to try and generate more DF to help balance the wing at higher speeds... This is all part of the fun of this sport for sure!!!

Car is in pieces again prepping for race #1. Soon as she's back together I'll snap some more pics.

She's also over power or under weight. 5.5:1 is my class limit and I have some P/W penalties assessed from things like the seuqntial...
I need to strike a balance between adding ballast and reducing power... good problems to have.

Still in draft form is my closed loop flat shifting GCU integration into the stock ECU. Shooting for mid season on that. Parts here, but short on that little thing called time


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