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DMC Comp
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Nice save Phil...!

Hey Phil, nice work getting that deal to be a for-real turbo Lotus.

Looks real nice and the power looks to be a TON more fun than most street hot rods! As you found out, the 2zz Turbo, when properly sized and tuned will make Buku torque from right off the bottom and there is no real urge to rev them past 7500. They pull like a 5.0 from 3000 on!

You forgot to mention the use of our DMC air-to-air intercooler package. Looks nice in there. For even more consistent cooling on the street and in really hot climates you could add the puller fan. It does a great job to help keep intake temps low at low road speed and in traffic.

Nice work, good to see an honest days work for an honest days pay in this world of fly by nighters!


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