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Originally Posted by Almighty View Post
Holy hell did you guys see the dyno graph!? Giving me an extra 100whp warrants BroHugs for everyone!
here's betting that this car is going to rock your world. Wow - torque with a capital TORQUE.

Lotus Elise #134 - S O L D BOE REV400 street car built at BOE in KC. , Stock motor, low boost w/stock cat/mani, 292whp, (5.95 lbs/hp) passes all 50 states emissions/OBD, BOE ST exhaust, ACT HDSS, BOE Clam Hinge, BOE Oil Cooler Relocation, BOE Surge Tank/750cc injectors, BOE Race Links, MWR Rear Lift Kit etc. 0-100 = you bet!
Build thread :
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