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Originally Posted by turbophil View Post
Yes, it's a blast! All new suspension and setup, reversion back to the Lotus ECU, and new aero (again) left a lot on the table to go wrong, but it's actually been smooth sailing so far

It looks really well planted and predictable , so what you have done is working ... I know what you mean about a 'lot on the table to go wrong".... the theory about changing one thing at a time is great , but it never works out that way.
You will be well pleased.

Still many things to do... one of which is moving the shifter higher... It would pretty much impossible for my knee to actually shift it. It requires a very deliberate pull/push for engagement of the sequential. You might also notice that the shifter is completely modified from what Quaife provides. The lever is a good bit shorter and that phalic looking lever knob is is a load cell to talk to the GCU...
Noticed the shift knob and thought that may be what it was ...
I have gone with Geartronics and have ordered their GCU
Geartronics - Sequential gearbox electronic systems - Flatshift Pro
and the Gear Knob Load sensor
Geartronics - Sequential gearbox electronic systems - Flatshift Pro

I LOVE the wheel... AIM is so easy to interface with the Lotus ECU as well, so setup is quick and easy... The print is large, not too busy, and the pages are easy to scroll through while driving (big red buttons with positive feedback). I don't think I was doing it on that particular vid, but all through the day, I was scrolling through the screens on a lap by lap basis to monitor various items (this was just a testing day). As far as the rack goes, it's actually the stock ratio! There's one turn on that track where it's slow and greater 90 degrees. I was worried about not being able to shuffle, but it's not a problem at all. The diameter of the wheel is small enough that you've got a good bit more arm crossover available than with the stock wheel. As far as effort goes, there is a good bit of feedback of course, but not so much that it's exhausting. I think the stock ratio rack is probably perfect for this smaller wheel.
I had been planning to go with the Motec C125 logging dash
MoTeC > C125 *NEW* > Overview
But think I will have a closer look at the AIM wheel .Do you have a contact for your man at AIM ?
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