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Originally Posted by jefrac View Post
Loved it! That motor you built revs like a MotoGP bike and sounds better than the current F1 cars. The video looks like it is running in fast-forward!

But, yes.... That Lotus sweep is priceless. That is a cool thing to be part of.


The motor has been a real key to making this fun. She runs like a sewing machine and was the basis for releasing what I call our "Black Series" short block : 10.5:1 Engine.

Two big contributor to keeping the motor together and revving like that was the oiling and cooling system.

In 2012, I went through 2 oil pumps back-to-back and had a problem with headgaskets popping with the sequential Our best estimation was that the constant high RPMs and higher power were causing oil cavitation issues and excessive steam/localized boiling in the head.

Oilng: I first switched to an external pump, which solved the broken pump issues, but didn't entirely solve the incidental oil starve problems. Then finally in 2012, we built our drysump system. We've now fit it to many cars now. Reliability of these little motors goes up 10 X with a drysump

Cooling: As mentioned several posts above. We run a high pressure system and a proper swirl pot to help remove air from the coolant. We borrowed the idea from NASCAR. I'm pretty sure NASCAR motors have more cooling issues than any other series in the way they draft each other inches away from the car in front of them. Running a lot of block pressure and swirling the entire cooling mass really makes a big difference!

This post reminds me that I don't have either of those items on my website... lol...


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