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Originally Posted by Stan
Mitch, you should ALWAYS retorque before each session. Check oil. Check tire pressures. Exaimine tire treads, especially the outer edges. Glance at the pad thickness. Make sure coolant level is normal. Etc.

This has nothing to do with the bolts. If you don't retorque after sessions the alloy wheels compression yield. Aluminum gets softer with heat. That is, the bolt did not unwind itself. Rather, that which it was fastening moved/squished. All alloy wheels do this. If you have your car serviced and only drive on the street you should still retorque a time or two until the readings stabilize. After a day or two and about 100-200 miles they will stay steady. Normal.
He is stating that he has noticed a difference between the Lotus supplied bolts and the BMW ones.

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