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Originally Posted by MitchT
Stan, I do check every time I do a session, the point is , and I understand that alloy expands and contracts, the factory lotus bolts stayed tourqued to spec and I do not know why. Fastliz and I run our cars together alot, I check my wheels after each session, one or two loose lugs, (ssr/bmw bolts) Fastliz car, lls wheels factory bolts his do not get loose. I do not know why. I origanally thought I was not making them tight enough, but I checked with two other wrenches.
Wheel bolts holding alloy wheels on don't actually back out or unwind or whatever. That which they are compressing, yields. So if a bolt needs to be retorqued, it is not that the bolt unwound itself. I retorque bolts all the time on wheels that have been changed. By all means use what you prefer. If you want the strongest, most reliable approach, convert to studs of adequate length and thread engagement for the use. Which are also not Lotus approved.
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