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Hey V Grey-

Thanks. Love your Esprit!

It was originally imported from the Ivory Coast and somehow wound up in the hands of the Lotus dealership in Greenwich. You would think I would know if it was one of the Lotus USA cars but i'm not sure. Basically a standard Exige that made its way over to the Motorsport side of the factory as the vin registry at lotus says "yellow race car": Magnesium wheels, fire system, VHPD motor etc. were added on that side of the house. The main differences between this car and a MS Elise are (as you observed) the body (besides the visible differences, believe the MS elise featured autoclaved carbon), non-center seat, and the chassis had a lighter floor panel on the MS Elise. Sure there are other differences, but, those are the ones of which I'm aware. It's very light, hope to have her in the 1,400's soon. Looking forward to meeting up w everyone. Love the color of your car, she looks to be in amazing shape.

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